Life By Design, Charles Detwiler

recently finished a biology course required for my degree. “Life By Design” is the textbook in which we were required to read out of for the course.

As far as biology textbooks goes, this one is extremely conservative. If you couldn’t guess by the name, it takes the approach of looking at the world through the perspective of intelligent design instead of evolutionary biology. And not only intelligent design, but design from the God of the Bible. So it was interesting.

And by interesting I mean I am grateful that I didn’t have to memorize the different eras of evolution. Cambrian, Mesozoic and all that nonsense.. I have never been good at studying those to get them even remotely right. Interesting as well because the Bible is often times quote throughout the text. Interesting again because it has quirks within it that are… interesting. For example, there is one page that has a sperm cell with a word bubble reading “I’m predestined to win…” in the reproduction chapter of course. A little cheesy I think.

Overall, I’m not very good at biology. So when you start talking about ATP and molecular Mrna etc. etc., I get a little lost somewhere. I feel like this text is predicated on the fact that you’ve taken a biology course before and they are building on what you already know. Well, the last time I took a biology course was probably over 8 years ago and I don’t remember much. So a lot of this went right over my head.

I know this isn’t a very helpful review, but the book just wasn’t that interesting to me. I suppose science just isn’t my thing.

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