For We Are Many (Bobiverse #2), Dennis E. Taylor

I reviewed the first of the “bobiverse” books last year . The second book was a serious departure from the first. Despite the many positive reviews on audible, I did not like this book. In part, I think it lost steam in the scope of the book. The first book was so intriguing because it had an interesting premise and an excellent execution. I felt as if the second book played off of the first but failed to live up to how good the first one was.

There were things that also just bothered me. For example, to have one of the Bob’s fall in love with a human? That seems like an unworthy story arc and a forced love story that was truly lame. The whole offshoot of the remnants of the human race also was a letdown. Further, the original Bob’s story arc with the Gorilloids did not play out as well as in the first book. The humor in this book, too, did not work out as well.

Suffice it to say that the execution of the book was just not good. A great concept squandered, in my opinion. 1/5

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