Headlong Flight (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Dayton Ward

I liked The Next Generation the best out of all the Star Treks. When I saw all the good reviews this book got, I had to check it out. But in reality, what appealed to me about this book was the audible narrator. I felt like I was watching Data, Jean Luc, and the rest of the gang on the TV show or movies.

The premise of this book begins with the crew of the Enterprise in a sparsely populated region of space. They encounter a time continuum that traps them between worlds. Along the way, they encounter a new race who needs their help to bring them back to their own time. In a twist of fate, two other starships enter the continuum from different universes: the Enterprise led by Captain Riker and a group of Romulans who threaten their relief efforts.

This is an excellent story. I felt it was like an extended episode of the show, but it’s one of the best Trek books I’ve read. In addition, the voice acting really makes this book special. I bought several other Trek books on audible (and read them) simply because the narrator was on point.

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