Star Wars: Last Shot: A Han and Lando Novel, Daniel José Older

Now here’s a fiction book that I can get behind: Star Wars. I’ve already said I have a weakness for these smutty Sci-fi books, so I won’t apologize. But “Last Shot” is actually a decent fiction novel period. I was pleasantly surprised at the complexity of writing by Daniel Older. He strung together detailed descriptions that didn’t skimp on elegant prose. It was a breath of fresh air among all the other terrible books I have been reading lately.

I also thought that the audiobook narrations were impeccable. Marc Thompson does an incredible job at imitating the voices of the characters in the movie. Daniel Older’s part however.. was less than acceptable. But that’s ok, he tried.

The plot of this book was ok. It’s not the best Star Wars plot I’ve ever heard but it was nothing to be crazy about.

This was just a fun book that any Star Wars fan would appreciate. I wouldn’t go out of my way to read it though. 3/5.

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