The Cuban Affair, Nelson DeMille

This book grabbed my attention because it was on the New York Times bestsellers list. The premise is this: as tensions thaw between Havana and Washington, so too are the diplomatic questions regarding property. If Cuba was to resort back to a capitalist economy, what would happen to the private property Fidel Castro took away from the Cuban expatriates living in America?

Mac McCormick owns a boat in Miami and is offered an interesting proposition: two million dollars to take a boat to a good will fishing competition between the Americans and the Cubans. The competition, as it turns out, is just a ruse to smuggle out private property certificates, money that’s been hidden away, among other artifacts from the grandfather of one Sara Ortega; one of the masterminds behind the plan. In all, sixty million dollars is up for grabs, and Mac wants a part of it.

I had really high hopes for this book when I started it. The premise was interesting and I was waiting the entire book for something to really grab me. But the page turning action never really came. In fact, it was really anti-climatic. 2/5.

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