The Rooster Bar, John Grisham

I’ve never read a John Grisham novel, but I have heard good things. This book in particular seemed to have a promising start. Four friends go to Foggybottom Law School, a for profit law school that is just a diploma mill. 50% or less pass the Bar exam and most come out of school with $200,000+ in student loans. So when one of the four commits suicide, they know something has to change. Three drop out of law school and go into business before they are licensed to practice law. They use a local bar to cloak their movements: the Rooster Bar.

I thought this book was anti-climatic as well. Every chapter I was waiting for something, anything, interesting to happen. It didn’t come. In fact, the ending is too unreal. The whole last third of the book just seems to be such a stretch that it wasn’t even fun anymore. 2/5.

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