#40 – PROOF: Finding Freedom through the Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Grace, Daniel Montgomery and Timothy Paul Jones, 221 pages

I didn’t truly understand the idea of grace until I read this book. Throughout my childhood and even into my college years, I espoused the doctrine of “Calvinism” to my friends and family. Little did I know that this word that was so divisive to my friends would be renamed in my later years to the “doctrine of grace”; an idea that was beyond words describing everything that was and is beautiful

“PROOF” is a book that doesn’t meet the controversy, but rather provides better arguments for the doctrines of grace. In fact, PROOF seeks to dispel the mythology and reinvent the idea of Calvinism. Calvinism is typically associated with the doctrine of “Presdestination,” which the book supports. However, it is not the focal point, as are so many books on this subject. Rather, PROOF is about the doctrine of grace: what is grace and how is it’s power made manifest in the Gospel?

This is accomplished by the acronym that isn’t just the name of the book, but attempts to reinvent the five points of Calvinism called “TULIP”: Planned Grace, Resurrecting Grace, Outrageous Grace, Overcoming Grace, and Forever Grace.

There are many parallels with TULIP, but this book does so much more than the followers of Calvin sought to do. Instead of making the issue divisive and confusing, more about drawn lines than biblical doctrine, PROOF actually clarifies the idea of grace. In fact, my own perception of grace has been irrevocably matured and strengthened because of this book.

To understand the nuance of the argument, I highly recommend you pick up this book yourself. But if you, like me, think you know what grace is because you heard it in church, I would challenge you to pick this volume up to truly understand the beauty of grace.

Written by Justin Daniel
My name is Justin; I am a Christian, a Marine, a husband, a friend, a historian, and a theologian. To get to know me better, click my picture.